A web geek, with a multi-disciplinary design background, focusing on web development and multimedia, I strive to implement and communicate professional web standards. Very competent in a proficient team environment, with high standards and dedication to apply best practices, usability, accessibility, interaction design, user centered design and create unique user experiences within an innovative and creative context in an evolving web and e-business environments.

A user experience designer with a vast knowledge and experience in usability, accessibility, web standards, SEO, user centered design, interaction design and front end development. Maher Berro has been involved in many roles, including usability expert, web specialist, interaction designer, information architect, web designer, front end developer, accessibility expert; he also has a solid experience in telecommunication applications, web portals, intranets and websites including both English and Arabic usability review, accessibility for web and interactive devices, user testing, mobile application in both English and Arabic context. A solid experience in web and software development methodologies and processes, agile development, also acting as ScrumMaster in element^n, Beirut, Lebanon; catering for international and regional business solutions, usability and accessibility, user centered design, user testing, usability testing.
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16 December 2005

Digital tears.

I am the greatest man in the world, an arrogant yet humble expression self defined and needless to be conveyed by people. The power to make a change is a true blessing I take pride in; it is deeply moving to have the talent and ability to touch people’s hearts and souls and positively make an influence. However, highlighting whether the scale swings to the advantages or disadvantages side is almost impossible, a declaration based on the general convention of things and the course of life. On a personal level, the D’s are way more than the A’s; of course nothing can top the attitude and power with all the positive outcomes which are so rewarding. I would not trade it for anything else, or would I? Random thoughts and feelings batter my inner self and inner mind. I find myself lonely most of the time, not in the sense of having a company, but lonely in my thoughts and feelings. Living in my head most of the time and not in this world is a reality and confession; I have always given myself excuses to delay reaching a good number of personal goals. Yet, life is all about experiences and being under tests to live and learn, to acquire more wisdom and tactics of dealing with all aspects of life.

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