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04 October 2005

Rebecca...in contact!

Out of the blue...and suddenly after almost 8 months of no contact, no call, no face to face moment, I receive an email from Rebecca! Bec is asking about me and how am I doing, what have I been up to and what are my future plans!

Wondering about my thoughts and my feelings at that moment?

As if you stabbed me with a dagger, straight into the heart, pulled it out and then in again! Damn that hurts… so much!

My thoughts…my expectations… my reactions… unable to put them in words, yet so blank. Since the day I met her, I didn’t stop thinking about her…how graceful… how sweet… and how adorable she is… yet how out of reach. Am I being that na├»ve? Maybe I am. But as I expressed it to Rola, once you find that person who entice your mind and imagination you should get hold of him or her.

Delighted to extreme extents to receive that message, yet puzzled and anxious to greater extents; what to do? What can the plan be? Or should there be a plan? Yeah right… Mr. plan it all and screw it up all!

Ever since the last famous call, as if something snapped deep inside; too many thoughts and givens yet no clues, and to brag about having a good perspective and my ability to see the bigger picture… yeah right! Where is that picture now? What went wrong... I wonder!

Maybe I should stop thinking so much about it and let time enlighten me with an answer… or will it. It didn’t in the past!

Now what?

As I wait anxiously for answers… I try once more… is it because I really want something to happen that bad…? I know I do… why would I want to let go of such an angel? An angel she is…yes… I am rarely wrong when it comes to that special gift…my sight to see greatness and goodness in people; or is it because I don’t come across such people that often that I want to get hold of them for ever. Friends… is that another option? There is so much friendship can do, yet to limitations when it comes to real needs. If it was the case, let it be, despite the fact that it will make another something to snap deep inside, but at least I would get the interaction and encounters with a great person.

Bec… I miss you so...

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