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29 January 2007

Standing Alone

I sent this a while back. I am not sure if it was perceived as intended or if it triggered the desired reactions... It's a lot of "I" ... that's where it starts and that's what you shall pitch! :)

Very few joined the stand-up... I hope the silence of many is not a sign of losing the battle. I salute my fellow spirited brothers and sisters, Rudy, Lara, Yasmin, Marwan, Dia, Dima and Joseph.

Standing Alone
"Stand up for what you believe in... even if it means standing alone!"

I am standing alone....

I believe in striving to create a better world and a brighter one for the generations to come and NOT planting hatred and aggression.

I believe in engaging our youth in their talents and creativity and building upon it and NOT engaging them in political cheer-leading.

I believe in an eternal spark deep down everyone for the love of living, playing and interacting positively and NOT in labeling individuals and misleading them.

I believe in the wonderful times and genuine love, bond and interaction I have with my friends and my brothers and sisters and NOT in the shaky sudden friendships only because of that ID label.

I believe in learning from the mistakes of the past, the tragedies, the dreadful crescendo and the memories of all the affected lives and futures and NOT in being guided into the same trap, by the same people, the same influences, the same media, the same invisible destructive hands and the same mongrels under unfaithful claims and concealed business deals and heritage/patriotic crimes.

I believe in the genuine souls who will stand up against all this chaos and NOT the souls who will be led into blinded hatred and irrational causes.

I believe in Lebanon, my Lebanon, your Lebanon, OUR Lebanon and NOT anybody else.

Tears shedding in my heart...
Agony boiling in my blood...
Glaze sparking in my eyes...
YET ...an eternal spirit ever strong in my existence...
to strive in reaching a message, a message of love, serenity, trust, understanding and awakening!