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10 May 2011

Happy Birthday... Maha

Today is Maha's birthday... but I haven't been able to wish Maha a happy birthday for nearly 7 years "-(

How does one pick up the pieces of a past fragmented life?

How does one recall the sweet memories and interactions with stolen friends?

How can I stand as an audience watching loved ones struggle, go through unimaginable pain and been forced to say the eternal goodbye?

Five years ago, feelings were the same, emotions were agitated as equally, maybe trivially less. They say time heals everything...but is the longing included in "everything"? I firmly question that.

Thoughts juggle in mind; we, as humans, have managed to take control over almost everything, genetically engineering lives, triggering weather changes, manipulating psyches, manufacturing weapons that would rip through Earth (twice as much)... and what have you.. yet we are still helpless when it comes to cancer. So I can't but wonder if it's a cause or an effect; whether our "control" is karmic; whether we created cancer or it created us, shaping our lives, in one way or another...

My friend, may the spirits watch over you, wherever you are.

Maha Hanna...I have missed you... I -or as you used to call me, "the GD ambassador"- am remembering you! My LAU days would never have been the same without you!

Happy Birthday :)

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