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29 August 2006

It's Lebanon

I have been away… away for while
Not by choice but by forced aggression
Unlimited forms of hostility and terror
Ravaging my home, my land and my people
I appear to be silent yet my silence is piercing
My eyes seem to run out of stories to tell
My stories are trivial in contrast with many
Many stories of my brothers, sisters and compatriots
Suddenly homeless, orphans, dead and at great losses
Never submissive, never gutless, never defeatist
Always bold, always tenacious, always resilient
It’s my home, it’s my land and it’s my family
It’s Lebanon, my Lebanon and will always be


  1. yup,thats exactly Lebanon now,but we should give it time and sure it'l recover back and better than it was.That is becoming a routine in Lebanon; War and Recovery.A lot have died but these are who kept lebanese dignity still.There's always a tough confrontation between killing innocent children and dignity.The dignity seems to be the 1st in the Lebanese goals....If i was other than Lebanese,i would choose to be Lebanese.je suis libanaise.

  2. It's very emotional 3ammo.

    It did make me tear by the last sentence.

    Good job , it's always good to express urself in any means.

  3. Maheroo...

    I never knew you had such poetry in ur soul and such a JALAD to write...

    You keep amazing and shocking me everyday!!! More and more... LA WAYN BADDAK TOOSAL?!?!

  4. Thanks Maher...

    I loved listening to reality eventhough sadness grew in my heart... But what can I say? INSHALLAH KHEIR... May our coming days (or our children/grandchildren's) days be better ones.


  5. Very touching...I beleive that Lebanese have finaly agreed that this country is for us all. I refuse to accept that this cycle of violence is the usual "routine".
    We should work all in one hand to revive Lebanon once and for all and never let it be or permit anyone to target it again. Finaly we should be lebanese before anything else.

  6. All I can add is, it's a pity that we have to go through this every now and then. I feel sad seeing those brilliant and creative minds leaving the country for the sake of a better opportunity which we lack here in the presence of our current 'government/leaders'. When will 'they' wake up?

    Nevertheless, and I quote you: "It's my home, it's my land and it's my family - It's Lebanon, my Lebanon and will always be".

  7. Read your blogs.
    It seems on a level footing with the style of beaudelaire, only his is miserable, your is full of warmth.
    I would have liked to see some of your flickr-winner-standard photos from the time you were there, but I could imagine there were some constraints on photography at that time.

  8. Take it easy man,,,ur dad and ur mon escaped with u and mimi and nour, to switzerland during the war to protect u all,,,so!! it is not the first time u r away during the war.
    calmez vous maher

    ...and the commenter is?!?!
    You may lack some knowledge beside the fact of missing the point!
    Too bad...
    A longer answer once I know who is it...since an anonymous comment is trivial!

  10. well well.. that's where we can find what Maher feels in the deepest of his soul.. was honored to meet that side of you ..again and again :D

  11. Rola!
    Thanks! I can say the same about you!
    By the way, I was referring to you in one of my previous posts, in case you came across... guess which one! :P

  12. REALLY? :s hehehe let me check .. oh nice!! it'd better be good >:( or else.. !! loooool