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18 March 2011

When friendships are real, love is eternal and memories are carved in stone

I love the title of this post...

It's so expressive and describes my emotions and state of mind at this particular moment. A moment of time travel filled with emotions, plenty of them, accompanied with goosebumps and teary eyes.

When friendships are real, love is eternal and memories are carved in stone

So it seems that the time intervals of such scenarios are consistent; forcing me to wonder... is it self discipline or un-discipline? Nesting v/s Gypsy-ing... Last time, I got an Aussie heart. This time, my heart is echoing longing and adventure simultaneously while "pumpitating" in a strange wary manner.

Anyway, back to the title...

One would be counting his or her blessings when it comes to true friendships and "special" interaction amongst peer human-beings. The number may be limited to a dozen when it comes to the modern -or postmodern- materialistic socio-cultural lives. I stop here with my ever-loud "No. No. No", that statement is erroneous and I don't need to prove it!

I may ran out of bandwidth if I chose to indicate my interactions and friend/relationships in photographs. Text would also grow exponentially if I chose to write the name of each individual whom I carry virtually within me.

Then again... what the hell.. so.. inhabitants of the world... as my witnesses, I salute and bow in respect to Lara, Rida, Rolande, Jasmina, Yasmine...

...and Aline, Marwa, Ghia, Mahmoud, Najib, Ginane, Ghassan, Cynthia, Abeer, Nahla, Sabine, Shireen, Rana, Sami, Nathalie, Yolande, Makram, Tonia, Marvette, Carla, Christelle, Walid, Nabih, Toni, Bruna, Abir, Ramzi, Laila, Dania, Kifah, Layal, Amal, Loma, Lina, Randa, Bilal, Karim, Mazen, Marwan, Grant, Meredith, Andrew, Anya, Pohsin, Rose, Siying, Mary, Nonna, Dominique, Rana, Darine, Jemma, Patrick, Nabil, Karim, Georges, Joelle, Racha, Khalil, Roula, Sally, Roula, Tania, Soha, Rana, Mona, Peter, Rebecca, Kate, Kamal, Alissar, Rasha, Sahar...

Yes, in an intense moment, I find myself re-live the sweet -and occasionally sour- moments which I shall cherish and behold... for eternity.

I got my butt kicked, by myself mostly :P. for missing Diana, Tarek, Bahaa, Elena, Lama, Eliana, Nataly, Bilal, Karim, Joseph, Rached, Durriya, Toni, Alissar, Rasha, Hala, Rudy.

So you guys can kick my butt again... on the condition to get a hug afterwards :P


  1. we love you 3ammo!

    Cynz & Gus


  2. Beautiful post Maher Maher Maher!!!

    and it's so true : "When friendships are real, love is eternal and memories are carved in stone"

    Blessed with yours :D and stress balls hehe :D

  3. @cynthia Mwaahhhh :)
    Get your butt over here.. we miss you guys!

    @ghassan.. I mean GHASSSSAAAANNNNNN :P

    WA7AD MITLIK beautiful beautiful beautiful :))
    Heads down!.. INCOMING! :P

    BATTAL BADDEH ETJAWWAZZ :P if getting married means not seeing my beloved friends :P
    Miss youuuuuu 3ammoooo!!!!

  4. speechless :)

    Maher thank you :)

  5. Love it Maher :D :D

    P.S. Shu badna nekolllll?????