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29 November 2012

Firing Neurons

So I was phrasing a certain thought earlier today and wanted to articulate the word and acts of sheeple, or people being sheep-ed around within various contexts. Not using one's brain in response to what one receives via interaction with people, systems and interfaces has become a fact beyond my personal understanding -rather, my acceptance.

One should be aware and truly defines where s/he stands, as a "consumer" or a "producer". It is evident that more people are becoming solely consumers and seem blinded and obsessed with trends, technology, media, social networking, etc. I do acknowledge that one needs to be both, in balance, give and take depending on your character, mentality and awareness. You can't be a producer all the time...but you can actually be a consumer all the time; just watch a friend or a relative closely, or maybe yourself for a day! How much information (of all sort) are you receiving and embracing and re-transmitting?! How much information are you generating and sharing positively and with a bang (at times)?!

Seriously... Pause and reflect!

Where do you stand?!

Anyway...following on my initial thought after delivering that substantial message - I truly hope!-, I expressed my thought as "It's because people got used to be "consumers" and rely on technology and neo-socialising without firing a neuron!".
Re-reading that, "firing a neuron" seemed in place and context exactly as intended, and it occurred to me that Ii have never seen or read it around and I liked it :P
A couple of keystrokes turned very few results and limited use; maybe I should patent that expression :P lol.

So... keep on firing neurons my friends! :D


  1. I fire neurons all the time !! No one seems to care .. so i just gave up .. i think i've become a pure "consumer" myself too .. should get some balance back .. Anyways you really should patent that expression .. I like it :)

    1. Hehehe...yeah, it's too easy and tempting to be a "consumer" so keep your radars up :P

  2. Very interesting way of putting it Maher. What would you regard as the "blogosphere" ? Where everyone is producing and consuming their own data :P

    1. In a way...yes. But limited number of blogoshperians are producing content worthy of being produced! Or so I see on the web.

  3. Amazing :)
    You should patent this expression ... but Apple might sue you :P

    1. Hehehe. Where can I register it?! :P