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A user experience designer with a vast knowledge and experience in usability, accessibility, web standards, SEO, user centered design, interaction design and front end development. Maher Berro has been involved in many roles, including usability expert, web specialist, interaction designer, information architect, web designer, front end developer, accessibility expert; he also has a solid experience in telecommunication applications, web portals, intranets and websites including both English and Arabic usability review, accessibility for web and interactive devices, user testing, mobile application in both English and Arabic context. A solid experience in web and software development methodologies and processes, agile development, also acting as ScrumMaster in element^n, Beirut, Lebanon; catering for international and regional business solutions, usability and accessibility, user centered design, user testing, usability testing.
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18 February 2006


There goes another year in that famous book of my mine. Apart from starting the 365ยบ project, from this day onward for a whole year, the plans determined and intended to be initiated and completed on this same day next year are plenty. Operations codes were named randomly yet based on that ecstatic mind where exertion never ceases.

Operation code VC021 is already in process generating rewarding results in the confinements of the several aspects and situations accumulated over time. The progress is remarkable and improving by the day based on experience, self judgment in addition to Jan’s and Karin’s feedback; thumbs up, amazing results, mutual excitement, defying natural norms including the unconscious.

Operation code GF952 shall be initiated by the first week of March. Scheduling this project seems to be attainable especially when considering the advantages of the financial, physical and timeline approaches. Another aspect is tackling a real problem which shall ease and render the remaining projects in a more smoothly streaming.

Operation code DR701 will be researched according to the time and finance availability. Fitting this project may require extra effort, yet, eventually, it is a must to engage with more people, people from different disciplines and backgrounds; it will further enhance the interactivity experience by trial and error and learning from the experiences and the faults of others.

Operation code CF333 requires complete dedication and shall be initiated within a period of 6 months or so, depending on a couple of exterior factors, most of which are beyond my control to certain extents. My UB is already way above standards despite the need for polishing and expanding, a continuous project of fortitude.

Operation code IA001 is very crucial to undertake, it is heavily affected by CF333 and will be a first hand on project; a project well foreseen versus the many challenges and obstacles that would and will be a hindrance.

Operation code EH721 is another project in process and flowing according to schedule albeit third parties delays and interference attempts; one aspect of GF952 which would engender gratifying outcome on both terms.

Operation code MA215 is a long term project in the discipline of flexibility, mindful and awareness; drafting the plan from mind onto papers.

Seven imperative projects in addition to minor projects, one of which is maintaining my own website, Flickr and blogs which are evident in affirming exposure and interaction with the digital, interactive and online societies on an international level.

Looking away from coding and internal hardware and software, my birthday was smooth and filled with peaceful moments. My beloved family, friends and acquaintances queued their greetings and messages of care and keenness along with a couple of odds to my surprise. A double chocolate ice cream cake, with a “King Kong” drawing [don’t ask me why the king kong, although I can relate to my extravaganza :P - or maybe my charming effect on ladies LOL] courtesy of my dear uncle Emad.
Double chocolate…mmm… remembering the taste… mmm… YUMMY!

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