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01 September 2005

Untitled Feelings

I think I am falling for someone!

Is that a bad thing to make me feel awkward? I dunno.

This is the first time I can really connect to someone and click as fast; am I drawing my own images and illusions again or is it for real this time. Too soon to judge, too soon to reflect... and too soon to jump ahead. Things are going smoothly... and better be gentle yet cautious... no need for high hopes nor for immediate actions. Let it flow... without intervention but the true self. For instance, it occurs to me that I have been single long enough to become more vulnerable, too emotional, and more blind. Would it be the case, or I am just being foolish about it. I will seize the opportunity thought; I can feel something very positive, and I will go with my instincts, rather then going with the "never try, never fail" concept; nothing ventured nothing gained, so I will stick to that for the time being and have my go. She may be the one I was longing for so much... I hope so; it would be ironic to find out otherwise, yet it would be another good lesson, in that book of mine.

An old friend once told me "you never know how to define your emotions towards the people you care about"; he is so damn right, I hate to admit it, I love everybody and that's not good; I am getting mistaken for the ones I love and the ones I am in love with... Where are you my friend? I could use another chat of ours at this time. I realized that from the moment he said it... 5 or 6 years ago, yet, I never overcame that issue... dopey!

Too bad... trying to focus on all the aspects at one time, yet not being successful in resolving any, not individually nor in group... Man... you suck! ... searching for something to get hold of ... no matter what it is... what a pity...

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  1. am i allowed to envy that person you referring to?